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Default Will Madonna sing in front of an empty stadium?

Will Madonna sing in front of an empty stadium?

The Golden Circle tickets are not sold out yet. Look at the chart what small area they take. They are currently being offered below face value. Other ticket categories have been stopped simultaneously which is unlikely to happen if they were really sold out, it's more likely a manual stop as they did in the beginning in order to create artificial deficit without the categories being really sold out. The ticket prices are high, not according to the income of the people of that country, therefore as it seems the stadium will be empty and as we know Madonna does not perform at empty venues - she canceled the concert in Ljubljana because of empty venue so is this is going to happen here too?

Source: M-Tribe

Huge quantity of tickets are counted sold but they are actually sold to other companies for resale but they are NOT SOLD to end customers. According to yesterday's information, the biggest ticket-office NDK hardly sells even one Golden Circle ticket per day! They have a huge quantity of unsold tickets that are COUNTED as sold. I call this Bulgarian tricks. If that is how the number of sold tickets is made, it would be a big surprise for Madonna to see a half-empty stadium.

I've personally spoken to the emplyee at the biggest ticket-office NDK - she said they had huge amounts of tickets that were counted sold but they were unable to sell them - she was worried what would happen to them if they do not sell them. She said there was no demand. I stayed there for 4 hours trying to sell at least one ticket that I had in excess and no one was looking for Golden Circle ticket during this time.

Although some categories are stopped from buying via Internet, you can freely buy these categories at the ticket-offices.

Also, if they increased the area for the Golden Circle 2 times (I've heard of 8000 GC tickets), this means that the chart is quite incorrect and those with tickets Standing 1 and Standing 2 will be far behind compared to what they paid for. This means all of them could sue the company!

Creating artificial deficit is also against the law.

A lot of Sofia shows have been canceled in the last moment - the day of the concert or the previous evening - including Depeche Mode, Pink.

So my question is - if there are so many unsold tickets to fans, will the show be canceled?

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