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Default Madonna fans called in the police, expecting two years in jail!

Many Madonna fans reportedly have been called in the police during the last 1-2 months in Sofia. At least a dozen of them wrote explanations in the police during a prosecutor's examination for their criminal code criminal offence behavior at Madonna's concert. If they are proven guilty, they have to expect 2 years in prison or a great fine.

The interesting thing is that they appear embarrassed to talk about that and they don't post about that in the forums. Probably they roll up themselves and wish to avoid making noise about the case. The rumor is they lied and slandered again to the investigation in order to cover their guilt! On the one hand they fear about what would happen to them and on the other hand they are ashamed of spreading ill-fame that they go to explain in the police. Third, they are disgracing Madonna by calling themselves her fans that have to write explanations about crimes that they eventually committed!

All this deeply fills me with satisfaction but a I will get a true satisfaction when I see them in jail.

These are the fans of Madonna - criminal people who go to explain in the police! I really expect them to spend 2 years in a true jail!

I have a list of Madonna fans who have been interrogated and wrote explanations!

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